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NudgeR is the most advanced personal medical alert system ever made. It packs the latest sensor, software, power management, cloud, IoT and communications technology available in one small, beautiful pendant.

Nerd alert: The following is a brief techie overview. For non-techies, just know that all this advanced technology means NudgeR is capable, dependable, expandable and small.  The tech makes everything it does easier and more accurate.

Sensors:  Hardware sensors detect conditions automatically and talk to the software to signal alerts and more:

GPS- Location within 30 feet. Enables "find my senior" and geofence capabilities

Motion + Accelerometer+ Barometer- Detects movement, lack of movement and most importantly, fast changes like a fall, called Fall Detection.

Temperature- Measures environment temperture to signal conditions that are too hot or too cold or rapid changes. 

Software:  Operational software that enables basic functions and ease of use, and advanced AI software and algorithms that process sensor and other data to learn and improve over time.

Specific- Optimized for single function (personal safety) rather than general purpose like a smart watch. This optimization means that specific functions are faster, easier, and better than any general function device.

Algorithms-  See specific above!  Algorithms are like math formulas created by really smart engineers and scientists to interpret data and user actions as fast and easy as possible. Yes, this is like rocket science on your senior.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)- AI software in the cloud learns from both individual and all users to improve accuracy over time, in all areas. This means the accuracy will be great when you first get NudgeR, and will get even better over time.

Power Management- Our unique power management software enables the battery to last up to 72 hours. Recharging is easy on the wireless charging platform — no need to ever take the batteries in and out of the pendant. Put the charger on a nightstand and your senior can go to bed and have the pendant charged overnight. To visit the bathroom, just take the pendant with you and put it back on the charging platform when you get back to bed. 

Cloud Technology- All of NudgeR's heavy data and software lifting is done in the cloud. This is unique and state of the art. The pendant continuously tracks data and sends that data in short bursts to the cloud via the cell network every few minutes 24x7.  Because the work is done in the cloud, the pendant itself doesn't have to store much data, and can be smaller. And because of this cloud architecture, continuous improvements and additional features can be added at low/no cost over time.

Communications/IoT- 4G Cellphone, Wi-fi, Bluetooth (BLE)  a built in microphone for potential talk, and a speaker to hear.  NudgeR has all the latest communications tech to work locally and globally without the user having to know anything about communication technology. This level of advanced communications technology makes NudgeR work anywhere and everywhere. Without the user having to understand the details.

All this advanced technology makes NudgeR capable, dependable, expandable and small.  NudgeR's advanced technology makes everything it does easier and more accurate and hides all the complexity from your senior user by being as automatic and simple as possible. 

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