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Long Battery Life, A Critical Difference.

NudgeR 's battery is a removable-rechargeable battery which lasts a week or more. This is a critical difference from the competition because it means that your senior never has to remove the NudgeR for recharging making it a true 24/7 wearable.

The battery's charging status is shown on the display.  When it shows that the battery needs charging, you, or the caregiver who visits at least once a week can take care of charging and exchanging the batteries to make sure NudgeR is always on, and your senior is always safe.

Of course, if your senior is capable of remembering to exchange the battery this is easy:

Charging: Simply remove the spent batteries and replace them with charged batteries.  Place the spent batteries into the included charger so they can be ready for the next battery change. A full charge of the spent batteries takes roughly 4 hours.


Battery Swap/Exchange:  NudgeR's battery is uniquely in the wristband, so you can swap out/exchange the battery easily.