FAQ about NudgeR, PERS, and Senior Care

Frequently asked questions

Can I wear my NudgeR when I shower?

Yes, you may leave your NudgeR on for all activities including swimming as the NudgeR is waterproof.

How do I know my NudgeR is on and providing me all of its safety features?

Your display will show the current time if your NudgeR is powered on. If the display is blank, NudgeR is powered off. If your NudgeR is communicating with the cell towers, your display will show a green tower. The display will also indicate the remaining battery life.

If I want a 24/7 call center support is this available?

Yes, please contact us by sending us an email using the contact form and we will provide you with this information including any additional cost for this service, or you may go to our web site www.gofindinc.com for more information.

How do a request help if I’m lost?

The NudgeR has a SOS button. When this is pushed, an alert is sent to your listed Caregivers which also shows the Caregivers your exact location when you requested help.

I received my NudgeR as a gift. May I buy additional batteries?

With wireless battery recharging, NudgeR's batteries never need to be taken out of the pendant. Thus, additional batteries are not needed.

Will the NudgeR be available in a different color?

No, at this time it is only available in a light black Matt finish. Send us a message using our contact form, and we will send you a message if we later offer the NudgeR in a different color.

I took off my NudgeR to show a friend and forgot it when I left. Can you locate my NudgeR?

Yes, if there is significant battery remaining to ping the NudgeR, we can send a signal to locate the NudgeR for you.

My NudgeR lanyard strap broke, will GoFind replace the strap?

The warranty of the NudgeR is a full replacement for the first 90 days from date of purchase. If this occurred after the 90-day warranty period, we offer two services. You may buy insurance for repairs when you purchase the NudgeR for $5 a month. If you did not buy the insurance, then we offer a return for service ability. We will attempt to repair the unit and advise you of the cost before proceeding.

Isn’t NudgeR just another medical alert device?

Far from it. While NudgeR has an emergency call for help feature, it also provides many other safety and comfort benefits. NudgeR is the first artificial intelligence (AI) implementation of a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) for elderly people.
Traditional PERS devices provide three functions – fall detection, a means to call for help (SOS) and, in higher end products, a GPS locator for elderly people who have a tendency to wander off. NudgeR provides and expands on these traditional PERS features and addresses seniors’ physical needs, mental stimulation and social interaction.

Is NudgeR a pendant?

Yes. NudgeR is an advanced PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) device styled like an attractive pendant that can be worn around your neck or on your belt.

What are NudgeR’s benefits for caregivers?

NudgeR reduces the physical and financial burdens of caregivers and family members by delaying the need for costly assisted living and allowing for fewer in-home visits by third-party caretakers, while still maintaining a tight level of interaction. This enhances the safety and quality of life for seniors who wish to live in their own homes and communities safely, independently, and comfortably, commonly referred to as “aging in place.”

Is NudgeR just for seniors?

While NudgeR was designed primarily for the senior community, it is also very useful for anyone who might have physical or mental impairments and can use a state-of-the-art PERS device.

Does NudgeR require a telephone line or cellphone by the user?

No, the user doesn't need either a telephone line or a cellphone, but Caregivers do need to have cellphones to receive alerts from NudgeR. NudgeR works with the AT&T cellular network in North America (as well as most major global cellular networks) to communicate with caregivers, medical personal and, optionally, a 24/7 call center.

Are there limitations where NudgeR can be used?

NudgeR can be used anywhere the AT&T cell network is available in North America, and most major global networks outside of North America.

How does NudgeR automatically detect falls?

NudgeR uses an array of sensors to determine if the wearer has fallen and then requires confirmation from the wearer that it is an actual fall or “false alarm.” No medical alerts with fall detection are perfect (i.e., able to always differentiate real or false falls) but NudgeR makes use of advanced technologies to maximize real fall detection. If a fail is detected, an alert is sent to the caregiver and optionally to a 24/7 call center. Along with automatic fall detection, NudgeR has an SOS button that the wearer can push to get help. If the SOS button can't be pressed, shouting "HELP" at the NudgeR will send out a text message to the emergency contacts (and optionally the 24/7 call center).

How do I know when NudgeR’s batteries need charging?

The NudgeR display shows when the battery is low and needs charging. NudgeR will also issue a verbal warning that the battery is low and needs charging. In addition, an alert will be issued to your caregivers that NudgeR needs charging.

Is NudgeR available as a wristband?

Not at this time but maybe at a later date. We will contact you if wristband versions become available.

Can I locate NudgeR if I misplace it?

Yes. If there is adequate battery power remaining to ping NudgeR we can send a signal to locate it for you.

What about NudgeR’s warranty?

The NudgeR warranty is a full replacement for the first 30 days from purchase date. After the 30-day warranty period, we offer two services. You may buy insurance when you purchase NudgeR for $5/month. If you did not purchase insurance, we offer a return for service capability. We will attempt to repair the unit and advise you of the cost before proceeding.

Is NudgeR cost covered by insurance or Medicare/Medicaid?

No it is not a prescription item prescribed by a physician.

May I use my own necklace?

Yes, NudgeR is supplied with a cotton pendant with the knowledge that most users will want to attach the NudgeR to a necklace of their choice. The pendant is latex free.

Can we have multiple Nudger's in one home?

Yes, A caregiver may have multiple NudgeRs they are monitoring at any one time.

Must the NudgeR be worn on a necklace?

No , the NudgeR was designed so that it may be worn as a pendant or attached to a belt loop or any other item of clothing. It may be put into a pocket of clothing and used in this manner also. But if put in a jacket pocket and then the jacket is removed your NudgeR will not be able to detect a fall. In this case after a set period of time your caregiver will be notified of "lack of movement".

What is the physical size and weight of the NudgeR?

The size of the NudgeR is 43.7mm (1.7inches) x 50.3mm (2 inches) x 17.5mm ( .7inches )
The weight is 54 grams or ( slightly less than 2 ounces)

What if I have a code to open my front door, may this code be available to an ambulance service?

Your door code may be given to the list of caregivers designated by you. When the caregivers are alerted they may give the code to the ambulance service provider.

Can I get help setting up my NudgeR platform?

Yes, we will have a link on our website allowing you and your caregiver to complete a form either on line or hand written answering the questions which need to be answered to program the NudgeR allowing the NudgeR to respond properly to the caregivers.


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