Senior Safety: It's all about emergency alerts.

For your senior to age safely at home the way they want to, they need an emergency alert system to protect them, and give you, the caregiver or loved one confidence that if something bad happens, you and others will know about it fast, and will be able to take action that just might save your senior's life. With both automatic and push-button emergency alerts, always on your senior' 24x7, that is exactly what NudgeR provides. No other emergency alert system can do all this, at any price!

Automatic "SOS" Alerts: If your senior feels unsafe for any reason, at any time day or night, and from anywhere, they can yell  "Help" at their NudgeR or push its "SOS" button and a text message will go out to up to four emergency contacts instantly  (and optionally to a 24x7 live emergency call center*). The message includes their phone number for instant dialing and their exact GPS location on a map, accurate to within 30 feet. 

Automatic Alerts- Fall Detection + : If your senior falls, NudgeR automatically detects the fall and displays an "Are You OK" message on its screen. If your senior taps on the display twice, no message goes out. If they don't tap on the screen within two minutes, an automatic emergency alert goes out to contacts as described above. This is a highly likely scenario as most falls happen in the middle of the night when your senior gets up to go to the bathroom and is not near the phone,  or when they are in the shower/bath or in unfamiliar territory away from home.  In all cases, NudgeR has them covered, and keeps them safe. 

Other Automatic Alerts: NudgeR has high-tech sensors for location, temperature, movement and more. So automatic alerts can be set up for:


Location/Geofence: An automatic alert can go out should your senior leave the house, the neighborhood... any geolocation area you choose. This is great for seniors with dementia or Alzheimers... you will know instantly if they are lost, and will be able to find them safely.

Lack of Movement: If your senior doesn't move during a specified timeframe, say during the day during normal waking hours, an automatic alert can be sent. This would let you know that they didn't get up in the morning, or fell asleep or were incapacitated during the day.

Temperature: Too hot or too cold. You can get an emergency alert if your senior forgets to turn on the heater or air conditioner  (or they are broken), or there is a fire and your senior is at temperature risk.



* A back up 24/7 emergency call center is available , please use the form below to send your request for more information. 

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