Easy To See, Easy to Use: 

The NudgeR pendant has a screen that is not cluttered, and is easy for seniors to read. The default display is the time, so it looks and feels like a smart watch. But in an emergency like a fall  that is detected automatically, or other automatic emergency conditions you set up, the display will ask the senior if they are OK, and if they don't answer (by tapping the display twice) within two minutes,  emergency alerts will go out automatically.

And of course, NudgeR has an emergency button for your senior to push for one touch help for any emergency, 24x7. Pushing this button sets in motion automatic text messages to emergency contacts, and optionally, a 24 hour call center* that can send appropriate help including 911.


So, NudgeR offers both automatic and push-button help to keep your senior safe.  Because these are so easy, they don't require any thought from your senior. And these notifications work from anywhere at any time because NudgeR is always connected through the most advanced cellular networks worldwide.



* A back up 24/7 emergency call center is available , please use the form below to send your request for more information. 

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