GoFind Inc. develops, manufactures and sells low-cost, portable devices using sensors for GPS positioning, accelerometers for movement calculations, temperature for environmental monitoring and pressure measurement for height calculations for humans, pets and vehicles. 


GoFind is developing a new product for seniors. NudgeR, a wearable device that addresses the growing need for in-home safety and care of a growing elderly population whose members are increasingly desiring to age in place. That is, in their own homes. Also available now is VoiceR, a voice-first software application that works with Amazon's Alexa to enhance senior safety and well-being. 


NudgeR is the first artificial intelligence (AI) implementation of a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) for elderly people. NudgeR goes beyond traditional PERS safety features by using AI to address seniors’ physical needs, mental stimulation and social interaction. 


VoiceR is a standalone application for the Amazon Echo that works with the inexpensive Echo Dot. The app is available 24/7 and seniors can use it whether or not a caregiver or family member is available. For more information about VoiceR, visit www.voicer.life.

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