the easiest way to 

keep your senior safe

NudgeR pendant helps your senior

age safely at home, where they feel comfortable, safe and secure

Introducing NudgeR. The personal emergency alert pendant that stays with your senior 24 hours a day to keep them safe wherever they are- at home, on a walk, at the store, in bed, in the car, even in the bath or shower.


Automatic, Always On, Always Safe

Automatic: NudgeR keeps your senior safe automatically. If your senior shouts "help" at the pendant, pushes the SOS button, or falls, NudgeR automatically sends text messages to up to 5 emergency contacts, and optionally a 24x7 live call center. 

NudgeR's battery lasts up to 72 hours and recharging is easy on the wireless charging platform — no need to remove the batteries from the pendant. NudgeR is always on, protecting your senior 24x7. 


Always Safe: At home, on a walk, at the store... virtually anywhere there is cellphone service from the world's most reliable companies. The bottom line is that NudgeR helps keep your mom or dad safe, 24x7 wherever they are.


No other emergency alert system can do all this, at any price.

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Sleek & Small,

Easy to Read & Use

 Unlike traditional ugly medical alert bands, NudgeR looks like a stylish pendant with a large, easy to read screen. 

 Emergency alerts are the key to senior safety. NudgeR has both push-button and automatic alerts, sent via text to up to four emergency contacts and optionally to a 24x7 emergency call center.

24 x 7 Alerts

Convenient Wireless Battery Charging

 NudgeR's wireless battery charging simplifies the task of keeping the NudgeR batteries fully charged and ready to go.

The Very Latest Tech

GPS, Fall Detection +

 If tech is important to you, NudgeR has all the latest: Activity detection for falling, walking, sleeping etc. GPS for location awareness, connected to our Apps to transmit precisely where they are. 

The More Capable, More Affordable Personal Medical Alert System

New - Simple, All In One

NudgeR is new technology- One stylish pendant which replaces all of that old antiquated hardware. One pendant vs multiple boxes and buttons. Easier for you, easier for your senior.


There really is no comparison.

Old - Complex, All in Many

Other leading senior emergency alert systems are complicated, and require a lot of extra hardware like stick on help buttons, phone line or internet boxes and connections, extra portable wrist band and in-car units, in-home listening units or video hardware, etc. They use old technology.

Easier for Loved Ones and Caregivers, 

Safer For Seniors

NudgeR includes an iPhone or Android App that makes it easy for the caregiver or loved one to set up the system using a questionnaire you can answer along with your senior. The App even includes instructions on teaching your senior how easy NudgeR is to use, and how it keeps them safe.


Like No Medical Alert System You've Seen Before 

 NudgeR's high-tech sensors, software, and artificial Intelligence in the cloud enables advanced capabilities, personal customization, and ultimate simplicity. No other personal medical alert system comes close.



“Please don't move me there. I want to stay in my home as long as I can.”

Every Senior in the World



NudgeR will be available in limited quantity on a first come first served basis on September 30, 2020.  Order now and take advantage of these limited early adopter discounts:

Please look at our VIDEO introducing NudgeR

  • Limited quantities of NudgeR are available at $49 - a 67% discount from MSRP

  • 3 month service plans are $49 - a 33% discount from our standard monthly plans

  • 1 year service plans are $99 - a 67% discount from our standard monthly plans.

  • $20 and $40 gift certificates for NudgeR products - 1/2 off.

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